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A collapsed building in the Syrian town of Azmarin, in Idlib province. Credit/Ghaith Alsayed/AP

Turkey-syria Earthquake relief

A deadly 7.8 earthquake, one of the strongest to hit the region in 100 years, has taken thousands of lives and displaced millions in Turkey (officially renamed Türkiye) and Syria. Join Wealth by Health in our effort to provide immediate medical aid, live-saving assistance, and recovery relief to those impacted by this disaster.

Our Response

In a region with already a high number of vulnerable displaced refugees, the effects of the earthquake has been compounded by existing destruction, a collapsed economy, and harsh winter weathers. Urgent support is needed for disaster victims to access food, shelter, and warm clothing. With homes, buildings and essential infrastructure destroyed in such a massive scale, equally large collaborative efforts around the world is crucial.

With your support, Wealth by Health will be providing urgent medical relief, essential items, and post-disaster monetary aid. Working together, we help communities become more resilient so that each time a crisis happens they are stronger, more likely to survive, and recover more quickly. Your immediate help will make this possible.

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your help is needed

100% of all donations for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief are used solely on expenses related to supporting this response.

In any crisis, time is of essence. Wealth by Health is ready to respond to provide essential aid in any way we can. Your support allows us to mobilize quickly and efficiently to bring urgent humanitarian aid to those who need it most.

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Volunteers work on rescue operations on the site of a collapsed building as night falls. Credit/Bloomberg News

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