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Volunteer Spotlight - Timothy Chu

Introducing Timothy Chu! Timothy has been an invaluable asset to our biweekly vaccine clinics and free health clinics since 2022. His warm and welcoming presence, along with his genuine enthusiasm, never fail to uplift those around him. Timothy has a deep passion for serving the underserved and a heart full of compassion, driven by a desire to make a significant impact on our society. He consistently extends a helping hand in various ways and aspires to become a medical doctor (MD) to provide compassionate and high-quality care for underserved populations, realizing his vision of creating positive change in the world.

Q: When did you get involved with this organization?

A: I first started volunteering at Wealth by Health’s vaccine clinics back in December 2022. My uncle noticed the foundation’s efforts through the newspaper, and he suggested that I look into the organization myself.

Q: Why do you choose to volunteer?

A: Volunteering allows me to meet new people, to learn about different cultures, and to consider the world through different perspectives. To me, helping others is both a responsibility and a privilege, yet I also enjoy learning about myself in the process.

Q: What attracted you to Wealth by Health’s cause?

A: The foundation’s dedication to others.

Q: What has been your favorite event and why?

A: My favorite event was our medical mission to Jakarta, Indonesia. I had immense fun working with our Indonesian counterparts to provide treatment for the underserved. While it certainly took a lot of hard work, I am grateful to have met new friends and to have been a part of a good cause.

Q: What makes this volunteer experience a meaningful use of their time? / What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Wealth by Health?

A: What I enjoy most about volunteering at WBH is being able to work with a dedicated team toward a common goal. I find the pursuit of giving back to the community and helping others to be extremely fulfilling. Also, providing help to those in need often reminds me of my own mortality and circumstance. In this light, I feel grateful for what I have and for those around me.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not volunteering?

A: I love to run long distance. I am also a huge fan of the sport of bodybuilding!

Q: What is your favorite quote or life motto?

A: “Giving your all to something whether you succeed ultimately or not is the only way to truly find yourself. Sacrifice without regret.” – Fouad Abiad

This quote comes from one of my favorite bodybuilders. I derive meaning from this in all aspects of my life, whether it be family, self-growth, or passions.


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