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Coronavirus Medical Relief- China

Coronavirus Medical Relief- China


With the sudden surge of coronavirus patients and limited knowledge about this novel epidemic (at the time), hospitals in Wuhan and in other nearby cities have experienced a quick shortage of personal protective equipment such as surgical protective garments, surgical shoe covers, respirators, and face masks. 

Our medical team at Wealth By Health prepared and sent humanitarian aid through the donation of PPE at an ongoing basis to hospitals in China affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Personal protective equipment has often been the only barrier between a healthcare provider and the critically ill patient during a disease outbreak.

Before the epidemic became a pandemic, global attention had been placed on the central hub of Wuhan, China— anxious of the continuous spread of the deadly virus. Our intentions have been solely for humanitarian purposes as we believe it is our moral imperative to provide necessary resources to any areas in urgent need. At the time, such limited information about the virus had been known. The World Health Organization had advised the public to take precautionary action as the only available information on the coronavirus was that it could spread through coughing, sneezing, or touching.

Coronavirus Medical Relief- China

January 2020. Frontline healthcare workers in Wuhan, China.

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