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2022 Scholarship recipients


Brandeis University '26, Psychology - Pre-Med Track


Gavrila will be attending Brandeis University, majoring in Psychology in the Pre-Med track. From her experiences teaching, leading, and mentoring youth facing socio-economic hardships, she has witnessed the detrimental impacts of violence and generational poverty on youth. Her innate dedication to serving youth stems not only from her extracurricular experiences but also from challenges with family life – bearing responsibility to care for her younger brother mentally and emotionally. These experiences have inspired her dreams to become a pediatric psychiatrist and increase access to mental health resources for underserved youth.


Virginia Tech '26, Psychology / Neuroscience


Solongo plans to pursue a degree in Neuroscience at Virginia Tech and ultimately become a psychologist to help other people navigate the world while pursuing their dreams. She came to the US from Mongolia just three years ago and quicky navigated the challenges of high school- learning a new language and overcoming barriers of being in America as an immigrant. Her motivation for her career goals stems from her personal experiences growing up, having to depend on herself at a young age at an orphanage. These critical years have shaped her perception on the importance of emotional support in youth.


Rice University '26, Health Sciences


Olivia Chang will be attending Rice University, majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Medical Humanities and Museums and Cultural Heritage. She is incredibly well-rounded - with an exceptional academic performance in school, leadership through community activities, and a clear vision on her career goals. Though her passion for music composition and neurobiology, she discovered the possibility of creating personalized music for therapeutic use within healthcare. Olivia plans to explore this intersection between music and biology to discover innovative solutions to challenges in the community and beyond.

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