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2020 Scholarship recipients


University of Florida '24, Psychology and Criminology


Michaela Ward will be attending the University of Florida and pursuing a degree in psychology and criminology. She has demonstrated great leadership through her community involvement and activism in leading the Enough is Enough Gun Violence Movement after witnessing the murder of her aunt by a state trooper. Her personal experiences have shaped her passion to bring change in her community and strive towards her goal of becoming a Forensic Psychologist to provide evaluations, counseling, and therapy within the criminal justice system in the future.


University of Southern California '24, Sociology


Michelle Kang is a very well-rounded and determined individual both in school and at home. Growing up from a low-income immigrant family of nine, she has worked throughout her high school years to reduce financial burden on her family while maintaining great academics and extracurriculars activities. Michelle will be studying Sociology at the University of Southern California in preparation of becoming a future mental wellness and college counselor to assist those who face the same challenges she had as a low-income, underrepresented minority, and first-generation student.


Georgia Institute of Technology '24, International Affairs


Candy Zheng will be studying International Affairs and Modern Languages at Georgia Institute of Technology in the Fall of 2020. Her ultimate goal is to work for the United Nations UNICEF agency to create global education programs that ensure and advocate for free and quality education to all children across the world and study the impacts migration has on educational disparities in specific countries like China. She has devoted much of her time serving the community and diving into individual research, ultimately finding her passion in education advocacy.

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