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Volunteer Spotlight - My Nguyen

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Meet My Nguyen! My has been with us since 2019- she recently just left to attend medical school. We would like to extend our biggest congratulations to her on this exciting journey & gratitude for her contributions at our past free clinics!

Q: Why do you choose to volunteer?

A: I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to confirm for myself whether I really wanted to become a doctor. And the opportunity solidified my decision to continue pursuing my dream goal.

Q: What attracted you to Wealth by Health’s cause?

A: The first reason was the mission of providing care for underserved communities. Secondly, I really liked the opportunity to learn about other health remedies such as acupuncture or Eastern medicine.

Q: What has been your favorite event and why?

A: Ruffling his hair, he gazed at me timidly and said, "Sorry, I don't speak English." In response to his concern, I reassured him with an offer to become his interpreter for the event. Accompanying "Tuan" throughout the day, we completed the vision examination where the medical provider asked him about his latest prescription. However, Tuan told us that he did not see any doctor for more than a year because his son was too busy to translate for him. His answer reminded me of my family's obstacles when we first immigrated to the U.S and had a hard time navigating the healthcare system due to the language barrier. These shared experiences let me not only understand but also connected and empathized with Tuan. That first volunteering experience at Wealth by Health free clinic in 2019 allowed me to meet many patients who did not have regular access to care due to a cluster of barriers such as socioeconomic, cultural, or linguistic difficulties. It motivated me to improve my ability to deliver care that considers my community's personal and cultural perspectives.

Q: What makes this volunteer experience a meaningful use of your time? A: I enjoy meeting lots of people from different layers of life. It broadens my perspective about the world, inspires me to help more people, and increases my gratitude for everything that I have.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not volunteering?

A: Recently I started doing cross-stitch embroidery during my free time. I also like watching movies or learning guitar.

Q: What is your favorite quote or life motto?

A: “Smile, breathe and go slowly.”



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