Each tote bag contains a 10lb bag of rice, pasta, spaghetti, cooking oil, and a blanket.

Early morning line waiting for the doors to open.

November 24th, 2019 Thanksgiving Giveaway

10AM-3PM at the Rosemead Community Center

Together with the Dharma Seal Temple, Rosemead City Councilmember Polly Low, and Rosemead City Councilmember Sean Dang, we celebrated Thanksgiving at the Rosemead Community Center by providing rice for the underprivileged, homeless, and low-income individuals and families. 

Tote bags prepacked by our volunteers and ready for giveaway!

Rosemead City Councilmembers Polly Low and Sean Dang personally handing out the tote bags of goodies.

Rosemead City Councilmember Sean Dang handing a tote bag to a local resident. 

Outside the Rosemead Community Center.

Inside the Rosemead Community Center.

Volunteer handing off a tote bag to an individual. 

Volunteer helping an elderly out the door.

Volunteers putting the tote bag behind a man's wheelchair. 

Residents in line for their Thanksgiving tote bag!

Volunteers finished with stuffing the tote bags with a blanket, cooking oil, pasta, spaghetti, and a 10lb bag of rice!

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