While the world is gradually progressing through technological innovations and gradual developments, there are still many global areas in need of improvement. Through our international medical missions, we reach out to remote rural areas around the world to understand and attend to the local communities’ healthcare needs through the expertise of our licensed medical professional volunteers and well trained assistants. 

FEB 27 - MARCH 5 ,2019




Cambodia Ministry of the Interior with our medical mission leader, Dr. Jimmy Shern, DMD. 

Bombpenh Reach Village, SIEM REAP

In our medical mission to Cambodia, we work with existing facilities in Bombpenh Reach Village in the Angkor Thom District to provide free healthcare services to the population in the rural areas of Siem Reap. At our medical mission in 2019, we provided dental, vision, and acupuncture treatments to 1,214 patients. By growing our knowledge and understanding of the local cultural background and the community’s healthcare issues, we hope to continuously assist with the medical needs of the rural population and improve the existing healthcare system through our collaborative efforts with the local community and organizations. 


According to the World Health Organization’s Global Health Workforce Statistics, the number of skilled health professionals in Cambodia is well below the minimum threshold to sufficiently cover the population’s health needs. Through the work of nongovernment organizations, more skilled healthcare professionals can provide sustainable and accessible quality care to those around the poverty line. 

Our team of licensed healthcare professionals provides health services such as dental care, vision care, and acupuncture to the children at a local community facility. We hope to further understand the underlying healthcare issues by forming lasting partnerships with the community in order to work towards strengthening the current health system in Cambodia.  


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