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2019 Cambodia Medical Mission

2019 Cambodia Medical Mission

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 - Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Bombpenh Reach Village

Our team of licensed healthcare providers and volunteers worked together with members of the local facilities in Bombpenh Reach Village to understand the community’s underlying health issues, provide free health services, and improve the existing healthcare system. In total, we provided free dental, vision, and acupuncture treatments to 1,214 patients in the rural community.

Led by oral surgeon Dr. Jimmy Shern, DMD, the weeklong mission also involved equipping the local aspiring dental practitioners with dental hygiene knowledge in order to achieve greater long term health impacts in the village. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Health Workforce Statistics, the number of skilled health professionals in Cambodia is well below the minimum threshold to sufficiently cover the population’s health needs. Through the work of nongovernment organizations, more skilled healthcare professionals can provide sustainable and accessible quality care to those around the poverty line. 

By growing our knowledge and understanding of the local cultural background and the community’s healthcare issues, we are able to continuously assist with the medical needs of the rural population and improve the existing healthcare system through our collaborative efforts with the local community and organizations. 

Services provided: dental care (teeth cleaning, teeth filling, teeth extraction), vision care, acupuncture, acupressure 

2019 Cambodia Medical Mission

03.01.2019. Cambodia Ministry of the Interior with our medical mission leader, Dr. Jimmy Shern, DMD.

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