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Hospitals in Wuhan and other nearby cities are experiencing a quick shortage of surgical protective garments, surgical shoe covers, and respirator face masks for healthcare professionals and individuals to guard against the virus and protect others. As we believe it is our moral imperative to provide the necessary resources needed to contain the deadly virus, our medical team at Wealth by Health is currently sending humanitarian aid at an ongoing basis to the people in China affected by the coronavirus outbreak through the donation of medical supplies. Personal protective equipment is often the only barrier between a doctor or nurse and the critically ill patient during a disease outbreak.

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Global attention has been placed on the deadly new virus originated from Wuhan, China. Concerns are growing about the coronavirus becoming a fast-spreading epidemic in China. With a rising number of people falling ill and limited research on potential treatment, quick action is needed to prevent the virus from spreading further.

As of the current state, the World Health Organization is working with China to learn more about the coronavirus and advises the public to take precautionary action as the virus can be spread through coughing, sneezing, or even touching. With your contribution to the humanitarian mission, our collaborative efforts to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus during this anxious time will make a difference.

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